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If you are interested in joining our panel, please call:
0800 612 4690.

Established in 2015 – FCA Regulated

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    Our solicitors represent tenants from all over England and Wales.

    Landlords are increasingly neglecting their tenants and we are helping hundreds more clients every year and as such regularly have space for additional solicitors to join our panel.

    We supply the following cases:
    • Housing Disrepair Section 11
    • EPA prosecution
    • Homes Fitness for Human Habitation

    We do not do business with firms from the Greater Merseyside area

    Happy clients

    "This actually works I was successful and got everything I asked for and compensation"


    Ms Akua (via Facebook)

    "My solicitor was excellent and very professional. There was no messing around and my house was fixed perfectly and I even got £8000 in compensation. 10/10 service!"


    Felicia Appiah, Newham

    "10/10 service. Excellent service. The housing solicitor was very good with handling the case, and as soon as she got involved the landlord started moving with the repairs. Once all the works were done, there have been no more issues. Would recommend Housing Disrepair Helpline"


    Beverley Williams, Lambeth

    "I am so grateful for HDH help and over the moon with my new kitchen and the heating now keeps me warm in the cold winter months"


    Josephine Dunne

    "I was very happy with how swiftly the works were carried out and how the solicitor’s were able to get repairs done that I’ve been trying to get fixed for 6 years!"


    Gemma Gabriel

    "Louis, my housing solicitor really helped with my situation. He forced L&Q to do the works they should have been doing. He kept me updated every step of the way and even got my bedroom fully redecorated and I got a whole new bedroom suite. He even got them to paint my kitchen and hallway."


    Joyce Phillips