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    If Japanese knotweed has encroached on to your property then the structure of your property is at risk.


    The value of your home is also at risk should you wish to sell if your property is infested. Companies such as British Rail, (Network Rail), and house builders introduced Japanese knotweed in order to shore up banks and slopes not realising the damage that can be done to personal property, they are now liable for its removal and in giving you compensation.

    Our solicitors are experienced in winning you compensation, and enforcing the removal of knotweed by the initial introducer of the plant. Our solicitors operate on a No Win No Fee basis.

    It is your legal right to live without Japanese Knotweed infestation

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      "Following constant disinterest from my housing association in terms of required repairs, I decided to contact the housing disrepair team to finally be heard. I have found the team pleasant and down to earth in their approach and look forward to working with them further to finally get the children and I living in appropriate conditions."


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      Joy Thompson (via TrustPilot)

      "Housing disrepair has been fantastic so far . I reached out to them following my issues with mice infestation they acted promptly to get the case rolling . The case is not yet finalised but so far things have been great. Especially with Liam who has been exceptional . Can’t fault a thing so far"


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      "Very efficient and keep in contact frequently was happy to take on my case"


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      "Louis, my housing solicitor really helped with my situation. He forced L&Q to do the works they should have been doing. He kept me updated every step of the way and even got my bedroom fully redecorated and I got a whole new bedroom suite. He even got them to paint my kitchen and hallway."


      Joyce Phillips

      "This actually works I was successful and got everything I asked for and compensation"


      Ms Akua (via Facebook)

      "My solicitor was excellent and very professional. There was no messing around and my house was fixed perfectly and I even got £8000 in compensation. 10/10 service!"


      Felicia Appiah, Newham

      "10/10 service. Excellent service. The housing solicitor was very good with handling the case, and as soon as she got involved the landlord started moving with the repairs. Once all the works were done, there have been no more issues. Would recommend Housing Disrepair Helpline"


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